Borrascosa IV    

Feldespato x Buleria XIX
Bred by: Jose Luis Tamarit Campuzano

DoB 2005

Aliyana II  -Black filly born 2011, sire Cacao IV
Gazaro Mancha - Chestnut filly born 2014; sire Comico IV
Gazaro Tabanus - Bay colt born 2/7/2015; sire Romero XXV
Gazaro Simulia - Black filly born 25/6/2016; sire Romero XXV
Gazaro Yersinia - Buckskin filly born 14/5/2017; sire Mas Yaco

Borrascosa has proved to be one of our most successful brood mares, producing foals with great potential for dressage and showing. For two years we put her in foal to Romero because her foals by Romero are simply spectacular. In 2016 we put her in foal to Yogurt and she produced a beautiful buckskin filly. In 2017 we made the decision to put her back in foal to Romero in the hope she will produce a filly that we can keep, and put to Yogurt when she is old enough.

Her pedigree is impeccable with a veritable 'who's who' of prestigious horses.

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Borrascosa IV


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