The Gazaro Mares      

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Alto Habana      Bella EO
     Alto Habana                      Bella EO       

Borrascosa            Tess

Borrascosa IV                                       Tess    

Rociera       Boni03
       Rociera CLXXXI                       Boni Canela    

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2013 saw us starting to breed from our own mares again after quite a long gap, largely foisted on us by the catastrophic collapse of the foal market both in the UK and Spain. All of our original grey mares have moved on, mostly to become foundation  mares at other studs, which has enabled us to consider breeding specific colours. We have introduced one black mare and four chestnut mares, Alto Habana, Rociera, Bella and Boni Canela - all are large, expressively moving mares. Obviously, our new stallion prospect, the very rare cremello, Mas Yaco, will enable us to produce buckskins from the black mare and palominos from the chestnut mares.



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