Gazaro Mancha   

Comico IV x Borrascosa IV
Bred in the UK by the Gazaro Stud

In foal to Mas Yaco for a possible palomino foal in 2018

Chestnut filly with flaxen mane and tail
DoB 18/4/2014
Height:-  to mature at approx. 15.3hh (157cm when Graded 26/6/17)

Mancha is Spanish for ‘splash’ or ‘splodge’; an obvious name considering the size of the star on her head! Although chestnut at birth she has inherited one grey gene from her sire, Comico IV, and now shows some ticking through her coat. However, her sire appears to have an inhibiting gene which prevents him from greying out and at his current age of 22yrs he still shows considerable colour through his coat, which makes his colour pattern most attractive. This suppression factor is not yet fully understood by the geneticists but it is exhibited in other horses in Comico’s line and it looks like it may also be present in Mancha.
Borrascosa IV, her dam, has always produced excellent foals for us. Her first two have both attained the breeding status of ‘APTO’. We have decided to keep her two-year-old colt as a future stallion, and currently she has a buckskin filly at foot.
We showed Mancha twice last year. At her first show she came second in a large class of over 20 youngsters aged 1-3yrs of all breeds. She also competed in the ANCCE 2yo filly class at the 2016 GBPRE National Show and came a creditable 4th.  She was judged by judges from Spain, as this show is a qualifier for the Spanish Championships held each year in Seville.
 This June we were able to put her forward for Grading as she had recently turned 3yrs old. The standard for grading being much stricter than in previous years. We were delighted that she passed and gained her ‘APTO’ breeding status, which means that any purebred offspring can be registered with ANCCE, the Spanish mother studbook in Spain, as well as BAPSH, the UK studbook.

She is now in foal to Mas Yaco and due to foal in June 2018. She will have either a palomino foal or a palomino foal with one grey gene; the combination of Mas Yaco and Mancha cannot produce anything else. If she produces a palomino foal with one grey gene we are happy to provide semen free of charge from Mas Yaco for a foal in 2019.
 Mancha lives out 24/7 in a small herd of  mares and foals. She is very easy to handle and her temperament is good. She is a good traveller and easy to box. Overall, she is a very pleasant and easy mare to deal with. Obviously, she is passported and registered with BAPSH in the UK as well as with ANCCE, the mother stud book in Spain. Her vaccinations and worming are up to date.

This is an opportunity to purchase a young, quality mare able to produce a palomino foal.


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Mancha 2016



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