Backing & Schooling

Laying down a good foundation is the key to the long term success of future training, no matter what the intended discipline. Mistakes made in the first few weeks of being ridden will always manifest themselves at a later date. The PRE is notorious for going behind the vertical and adopting a stilted walk, problems which, if they become established, are a nightmare to undo. The cause is usually due to asking for an 'outline' too soon but can also be due to unforgiving hands or harsh bits.

We are experienced in backing and schooling young horses and can also train horses in all the advanced dressage movements including lateral work at all the paces, pirouettes, passage/piaffe and flying changes.
At all times, attention is paid to the correctness of the paces, the responsiveness to the aids and the accuracy of the movements. We never use fancy gadgets or restrictive nosebands in order to get an advanced-looking outline. It may take a little longer but the foundation is more secure.
Barry Marshall visits every fortnight to monitor the schooling and progress of all our ridden horses and has been doing so since 2002. Barry, though now retired, was a top international rider, an International Dressage Judge, an FEI Committee delegate and Chef d'Equipe for one of the Olympic teams at Barcelona. Barry now competes and also trains some of the national competitors of carriage drivers.

Prices: (2017)

Training livery - from £200/wk.





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