Comico IV     

Comico came to us in January 2010, spending most of his life having a very quiet time in Spain. We hope to bring him to everyone's attention by showing him both in-hand and in ridden classes.
Basically, he is a bay horse carrying a black and chestnut gene. His rabicano colour pattern is very rare now, but this type of colouring was very much favoured by the Spanish Royal Courts  in earlier centuries. The silver pattern is white and not grey so, although the rabicano pattern gets more extensive with age, he will never 'grey out'. It appears that the expression of the single grey gene that he possesses is being suppressed but currently the geneticists do not know how this is happening. It is known that the rabicano gene is dominant, so he will pass this pattern on to 50% of his offspring. We appreciate the opportunity to keep these rare genes alive in the PRE for future generations. 
Apart from his unusual colouring he is a true PRE, having both the presence and gentleness so characteristic of the breed. He graded with a score over 80% and received the unprecedented marks of 10/10 for his walk and trot. Comico carries the old Military and Carthusian breed lines, keeping his offspring true to the original Spanish type. His presence here in the UK will help those breeders interested in producing coloured horses, whilst preserving a true Spanish type. 
We have only shown Comico twice. In 2010 he was the In-hand PRE Champion and Reserve Iberian Champion at Chertsey County Show, and in 2011 he was the Adult PRE In-hand Champion and Reserve PRE Show Champion at the Iberian Performance Show.

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Stud fee for 2017: £500

A very rare Bay Rabicano carrying
black chestnut and grey

Comico IV

May 2014 aged 19yo


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