Romero's Show Career      

Just some of Romero's achievements:

2000 BAPSH Movement Champion, Champion 4-6yo Stallion & Res National Champion Stallion
2001 BAPSH National Champion Stallion
2002 BAPSH National Champion Stallion & UK Supreme Champion
2002 & 2003 Suffolk County Champion PRE and Champion Iberian. 
2002, 1st Windsor Inhand Champion PRE,  Richmond Inhand Champion PRE & Champion Foreign Breeds.
2003 Lusitano GB Show Inhand Champion Male & Overall Spanish Champion.
Great Chart Show 2005 1st Inhand Ist Ridden and Overall Show Champion.
2006 Demead Show Ist Inhand, 2nd Ridden Iberian and Reserve Show Champion.
Reserve Ridden High School Champion 2007 Iberian Performance Show. 1st Advanced Ridden Lusitano Show 2008 Reserve Ridden Champion Stallion Lusitano Show Iberian Inhand Champion, Spanish Ridden Champion and Supreme Iberian Champion, Fourwinds 2009. Iberian Ridden Champion, In-hand Iberian Champion and Foreign Breed Supreme Champion, Alton show. Iberian Ridden Champion & Foreign Breed Ridden Champion. Movement Champion Dorset 2009.
2010, In-hand Champion and Show Ridden Champion (Foreign Breeds) Fawkham & District Show. Reserve In-hand Champion Fourwinds Showing Show. Champion PRE and Foreign Breeds Show Champion, Alton. Ridden Champion Foreign Breeds, Ridden Spanish Parade class and Champion Iberian In-hand, Dorset.
2011, Fourwinds Inhand Champion, Reserve Ridden Champion & Supreme Iberian Champion.
BAPSH In-Hand Veteran Champion in 2011 & 2012.
Fourwinds 2012 Ch Purebred PRE; Springwell Supreme Show Ch; Bexhill Ridden Parade Ch.
BAPSH Veteran Ridden Ch & Parade Ch. 2013; BAPSH In-Hand Veteran Champion 2014



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